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Special Interest Groups

ISBER Special Interest Groups (SIGs) encourage discussions and presentations on the chosen area of technical, legal, ethical, or managerial issues relevant to repositories of biological and environmental specimens. ISBER SIGs identify and tackle important, unresolved issues that could benefit from broader discussion through networking and meetings where member presentations and experiences may be shared. The SIGs also provide an avenue for members to share their problems, goals, and more importantly, describe their experiences and solutions. Differences from ISBER Working Groups (WG) are:

  1. A SIG is open to all ISBER members with unlimited membership, whereas WG membership may be limited as the main emphasis of a WG is work output.
  2. SIG membership status can be fluid to capture diverse views.
  3. SIGs have a less frequent reporting schedule (annually).
  4. SIG focus is on discussion and networking via forum-based presentation and Q&A for sharing of experiences.
  5. A SIG may serve as a test bed for a WG. It is recommended that groups intending to form an ISBER WG start off as an ISBER SIG to determine level of interest over a period of time.
  6. A SIG can accommodate new topics of interest in an existing WG or topics beyond the scope of the documented WG focus.


Join an ISBER Special Interest Group

ISBER Members are welcome to request to join any of the above SIGs.  Acceptance is contingent on space availability and your request will be submitted to the SIG Chair for review.

To Join: Click here for the Special Interest Group Request Form

Please note that to join a Special Interest Group, you must first become an ISBER Member.

Form an ISBER Special Interest Group 

If you are interested in forming a new ISBER Special Interest Group:

  1. Review the Special Interest Group Policies and Procedures in the ISBER Policy Handbook
  2. Complete the Application Form

Your request will be processed and you will be notified of the final result after a full review.  Note that you must be an ISBER Member to form and join an ISBER SIG.

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