Essentials of Biobanking Course


Learn about key elements involved in planning, establishing, maintaining and accessing a successful biobank! This on-line, self-paced course uses the latest edition of the ISBER Best Practices to serve as the tenets for the curriculum while references to the new ISO 20387:2018 standard have been incorporated.

The Essentials of Biobanking course is applicable to all biobanking.

This course has received input from international biobanking experts and endorsement from ISBER.
The estimated time to complete this course is 7-11 hours.


1. The Basics of Biobanking An introductory overview of biobanking, which includes key issues in establishing, maintaining and accessing a biobank.
2. Governance Introduces the concept of biobank governance and its importance to the everyday operations of a biobank.
3. Ethics, Privacy and Security Discusses the importance of ensuring that biospecimens and personal health-related information are used ethically and optimally for research purposes.
4. Facility Design and Safety Provides you with information on the fundamental physical components of a biobank facility. It also covers the importance of biobank facility design and security in maintaining a safe environment.
5. Quality Management and Process Improvement Provides general information on the importance of quality management and process improvement for biobanks.
6. Informed Consent Identifies and describes processes related to informed consent in the biobank setting.
7. Biospecimen Collection and Processing Provides an overview of the types of biospecimens commonly collected and stored in a biobank and the procedures involved in biospecimen collection and processing.
8. Biospecimen Storage and Distribution Provides an overview of proper biospecimen storage, retrieval and sample distribution procedures for a biobank.
9. Data Systems and Records Management Provides an overview of the types of data systems and records management systems used for storing biospecimen data.


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