Organizational Membership and Benefits

Global ISBER Membership

Organizational Members 

are organizations and vendors from government, academia, and industry that manage repositories and provide services and products for specimen collection and repository management. 

Memberships are based on calendar year (January 1 to December 31), regardless of sign-up date. Note that membership is not pro-rated. Contact if you have issues with joining or renewing membership.

Organizational Membership Benefits:





Number of Subaccounts/Individual Memberships


4 2
Number of Electronic Journal Subscriptions* 4
2 1
Discount on Exhibit Space at ISBER Annual Meetings $425  $425   $425
Discount on ISBER Newsletter Advertisements $100 $100  $100
Exclusive Product/Service Posting in the ISBER Marketplace      

*Note on Fall Membership Renewal & Journal Access: 

New and renewing members who sign up for the printed-and-online journal membership option in the preceding fall will have access to all issues of the online journal, but will not receive that year's remaining print issues. If they so wish, they could purchase the entire year's volume and all issues from that year will be sent, including back issues.

More Information:

Discounted exhibit space at ISBER Annual Meetings and Regional Meetings
    Members save up to: $425

Exclusive posting to the ISBER MarketPlace
     Highlight your company, products, and services to the biobanking community

Discounted advertisements in the ISBER Newsletter
     Members save up to: $100

Your subaccounts are entitled to full Individual Membership benefits (see below)

Online jobs board at:
     Post jobs or find your next employment opportunity

ISBER provides a perfect forum for organizations and companies to reach their target/niche audience. Through links and announcements on the ISBER website, ads, peer-reviewed articles in Biopreservation and Biobanking, and exhibits at the annual meetings, members can interact directly with and showcase their products to the repository community.


In addition to Organizational Membership benefits, your subaccounts are also entitled to These Individual Membership Benefits:


Reduced registration rates to ISBER Annual and Regional Meetings
       Join ISBER around the globe and discover the latest in biobanking
       Members save up to: $250
Option to subscribe to Biopreservation and Biobanking (BIO), ISBER's official journal
      Members can select from electronic or print options
      Members save up to: $629

Free access to the ISBER Best Practices for Repositories and Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)
       Receive your personalized report and see how your repository compares to the ISBER Best Practices
       Members save up to: $180
Access to ISBER Members-Only Forums
       Connect and share with your colleagues in the field of biobanking

Discounted registration to the Biospecimen Proficiency Testing (PT) Program
       Assess the accuracy of your quality control assays
      Members save up to: $30

Discounted registration to the Introduction to Biobanking Course
      Members save up to: $200

Online jobs board at:
       Post jobs or find your next employment opportunity

 Access to ISBER Newsletters  published continually online

Option to participate in the ISBER Board of Directors, Committees, Working Groups, and Special Interest Groups

One vote in all ISBER-related elections