Webinar Proposal Submission Form

If you would like to have ISBER promote and/or co-host your webinar, please fill out the form below and your application will be reviewed by the ISBER Education and Training Committee. Please read our Terms for ISBER Promotion below before submitting. 

This form must be completed and submitted at least 60 days before the webinar is scheduled to be presented.

If you have any questions, please contact info@isber.org.


terms for isber promotion 

By submitting this form, webinar organizers/presenters agree to the following terms:

Webinar organizer and presenters will:

• Provide link(s) to ISBER website at the beginning and the end of the webinar (ISBER will provide info on PowerPoint slides)
• Include the ISBER logo with the presentation (International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories), indicating ISBER promotion, in the program and on any electronic certificate delivered to webinar participants (once they have completed the on-line evaluation).
• Present ISBER activities (ISBER Connect, working groups, tools, etc.) as well as other benefits of ISBER membership to attendees in a slide at the end of the presentation (ISBER provides slide)
• Provide ISBER with evaluation data from participants within 1 month after the presentation (for options 2 and 3).

ISBER will provide the following (applicable to all submission categories):

• Link(s) to the webinar on the ISBER website prior to the webinar, indicating ISBER’s promotion of the presentation
• Advertisement for the promoted webinar to the ISBER Membership.
• Approved ISBER presentation slide(s) (i.e. in PowerPoint presentation format) that provide information about ISBER, its activities and membership benefits
• An electronic version of the ISBER logo