Biospecimen Science Working Group

Co-Chair: Fay Betsou
Co-Chair: Kathi Shea

Biospecimens stored in biorepositories are intended to be used for biomarker identification and validation. The performance of such biomarkers greatly depends on the pre-analytical variations of the samples that were used for their initial identification. Quality assurance on this issue is therefore of the utmost importance and allows us to establish the right correspondence between processing methods and end-use biomarkers. 


  1. Selection of biospecimen quality assurance schemes.
  2. Identification of biospecimen handling critical points.
  3. Standardization of biospecimen research protocols.
  4. Identification of Quality Control (QC) tools.
  5. Reviews on biospecimen science topics.
  6. Validation of biospecimen processing methods.
  7. Validation of biospecimen QC methods.


Working Group Members 

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