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Welcome to Our New ISBER Website!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020  
Posted by: ISBER Head Office
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The ISBER website received a major facelift in mid-May. Though it may appear that this change only took a few days, this is was an update nearly 2 years in the making. As ISBER has grown in scope and activity, the website too has grown since its last redevelopment in 2013. With this in mind, in 2018, we released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to identify a company to evaluate the website in the context of the current and future needs of our members and growing ISBER family, to see what is working (and what is not) and to obtain a sitemap for reorganizing the website.

Working with our selected partner, Denman Digital, Head Office, and the Communication Committee as well as input from the Board of Directors (BOD) and Committee Chairs (CC), they undertook the evaluation of the website and ultimately recommendations for sweeping changes of the site. However, at all times we aimed to keep the website’s purpose front and center – communication with both members and non-members to:

  1. Provide vital information about biobanking management to the ISBER community
  2. Inform and educate non-members about ISBER membership
  3. Provide ISBER members with an online community
  4. Provide an e-commerce solution (to handle the business side of ISBER, e.g., memberships, meeting registration and other purchases)

After receiving the recommendations for the updated sitemap and streamlined content, the real work began. Denman created “wireframes” to mock-up the new look and feel of the site. Web pages that were recommended for removal (because they were duplicative, weren’t accessed regularly, or no longer relevant) were reviewed and finalized. Text on all pages was completely re-written by Head Office for consistency and clarity. And at all times, we kept in mind what would bring the most value and improvement to our membership!

Finally in May 2020, after usability testing by BOD and CCs, the new site was launched ( with the following new updates and features:

A sleek, modern new design
Simplified navigation and menu
Fewer steps to join as a new member or to renew your membership
Responsive site to easily explore the website on your phone or tablet
Single login for the forums. Once you log in at, you will automatically logged into the forums 
Updated calendar and news pages
Removal of outdated pages and content
Simplified way of accessing videos 


As you explore ISBER’s new home, please let us know what you think, if you find any links that are broken, or have any questions by emailing us at In the next few months, we will also be releasing short videos to show you how to better navigate the new website. Moving forward, we plan to use this website to provide even more value to you – our members! Keep an eye out as we roll out more webinars, videos, resources, and vendor information. 

Finally, thank you again to Head Office, the Communication Committee, the Board of Directors, and the Committee Chairs for all their assistance in input in making this new site a reality!