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Automated Cryopreservation System Hatch-Lite wins Outstanding New Product Award in ISBER 2019

Wednesday, June 12, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: ISBER Head Office
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contributed by Ding Fubin (CEO, Genepoint)

The 2019 ISBER Annual Meeting ended successfully on May 10, 2019 at the Shanghai International Convention Center in China. The annual ISBER conference is the most important and leading event in the global biobank and biorepository industry. Over 1,000 experts and representatives from over 40 countries attended the conference.

This year marks the 20 year anniversary of ISBER and is also the 1st year that the ISBER meeting has been held in Asia. The automated cryopreservation system Hatch-Lite from Genepoint, a China based biological technology company, won the Outstanding New Product Award (NPA) for ISBER2019, which acknowledges developments and innovation in biobanking. A committee with research and application background evaluates the candidate products based on their technical innovation and originality, anticipated impact/value, data that supports the position and viability of the product, and the anticipated market demand. The award also proves that the innovation capability of Genepoint satisfies the most critical and diverse requirement of biobank users.

Hatch-Lite from Genepoint wins NPA in ISBER2019

Hatch-Lite is designed to meet the sample traceability, quality with highest labware compatibility. The system consists an auto-filled vapor LN2 tank, a whole set of topworks to store and withdraw cryoboxes, and a user friendly operating interface system. It can either work as standalone automated storage, or be integrated in a Genepoint Automated Biobank Network, which includes Genepoint peripheral automation devices like AGV Cryo robots, cryogenic cherry picking stations, etc. Hatch-Lite has broad applications including cell banks, tissue tanks, blood bank, and cohort bank. The software is also configurable to adapt LIMS integration so that the operation and data is always synchronized. More information about Hatch-Lite can be found at

About Genepoint:
Driven by innovative technology, Genepoint is committed to the product development, technology application and process management for cryobiological samples. We have developed series of automation solution for biobank sector including automated cryopreservation system(Hatch series), AGV cryo robots(Pelican series), mechanics collaborated cryofreezers, etc. with patent registered and protected. Company has obtained ISO9001 certificate and the products have been CE certified.