Become an ISBER Regional Ambassador
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The primary role of an ISBER Regional Ambassador (RA) is to serve as a regional contact working in conjunction with the relevant Directors-At-Large (DAL) and ISBER Marketing Committee to better serve a particular area of the region. The RA provides localized advice and feedback on:

  • information dissemination;
  • local networking and educational opportunities;
  • circulation of ISBER materials at local meetings;
  • effective tools and methodologies to engage communities within their area of the region.   

Other responsibilities include:

  • identification of local/national biobanking meetings that ISBER should be represented at
  • assistance in publicizing the benefits of ISBER membership;
  • identification and outreach to new biobanks to encourage ISBER membership and involvement;
  • identification of organisations with whom ISBER may consider future collaborations and potentially   serve as a liaison contact to initiate discussions.

The RAs term will run for 2 years and must be a current ISBER member in good standing.  If membership lapses for more than 2 months the RA’s term will be terminated and the role will be reassigned to another interested member. RA roles are voluntary and do not attract any support from ISBER to attend meetings, etc.  Names of RAs will be included on the ISBER website’s “About ISBER” tab in recognition of their contributions to ISBER and its activities.

Apply to become an ISBER Regional Ambassador

Click here to Apply for the ISBER Regional Ambassador Program

ISBER members that are interested in serving as an RA are encouraged to contact their region’s Directors-At-Large. If the DAL has identified a need for an RA in the applicant’s geographic area, they will be invited to complete an application form (Note: There will be a maximum of 9 RA’s per region.)

  • If expressions of interest are received from multiple people in the same geographic area and that area has no or insufficient representation, applications will be reviewed and interviewed by the DAL.
  • If there is current and sufficient representation from the geographic area, the applicant will be invited to apply to join an ISBER committee that may be actively recruiting members and will be notified when an RA opening becomes available in the future. 

 Application forms will be reviewed by the relevant DAL or her/his designate and a member of the Marketing Committee.  A decision will be communicated to the applicant within 4 weeks upon receipt of application.

Request to receive promotional materials for distribution

An RA can request to the DAL to receive ISBER promotional materials for distribution at a local meeting.