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Why Proficiency Testing?

Why Proficiency Testing?


If you are visiting our website and wondering why you should participate in a Proficiency Testing (PT) Scheme, you may find inspiration from the information below.


YOU ROUTINELY QUANTIFY NUCLEIC ACIDS, CHECK CELL VIABILITY, ASSESS TISSUE HISTOLOGY: You may want to perform a quality control check on your samples before other downstream applications or storage. PT provides an external quality assessment tool which adds confidence to the validity of your results and allows you to be confident that complex and expensive experiments are not jeopardized by inaccurate initial sample characterization.


YOU ARE CONSIDERING ACCREDITATION (ISO15189, ISO17025, CLIA, CAP, other): You may want to anticipate and fulfill Regulatory/Normative Body requirements in the context of the accreditation process. These requirements include regular/yearly participation in a PT Scheme. Moreover ISBER PT Schemes are performed according to the ISO17043 standards.


YOU NEED TO DO YOUR EQUIPMENT/STAFF PERFORMANCE VERIFICATION: By selecting your routine equipment and method of testing, your PT results will be compared to those obtained by expert laboratories in a specific field. A "PT participation certificate" is released by ISBER (the PT Provider). By participating regularly in PT Schemes, you will also ensure monitoring of performance over time.


YOU WANT TO OPEN YOUR INSTITUTION TO INTERNATIONAL VISIBILITY: By participating in an ISBER PT Scheme you are part of a large international effort in Biospecimen quality control harmonization. You can use your results to promote your proficiency amongst stakeholders, collaborators, and customers. ISBER is the only trans disciplinary international society and offers the opportunity of PT on a global level.


YOU ARE A BIOSTORAGE FACILITY WILLING TO SHOW HIGH STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE: if you do not have the facilities to perform the testing, you can still participate in a PT Scheme by outsourcing the quality control of your samples and suggest your sub-contractor to participate in a PT. You will then ensure your customers about the quality of your samples and your proficiency in storage.


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