Survey Endorsement
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Thank you for your interest in an ISBER Survey Endorsement.  Please review the following ISBER Survey Endorsement Procedures.  If you have any questions, contact  See below for the link to submit a survey endorsement application.

  1. Initial Review: Complete the survey endorsement application so that it may be processed for initial review and consideration.  After initial review, you will be notified whether ISBER will move forward with full endorsement review.  This process is complimentary.

  2. Application: If your survey passes initial review, you will be asked to submit any additional survey materials (i.e. automated and word versions of the survey) and the required administrative endorsement fees payable to ISBER at the time of submission.  This review process can take up to 3-6 weeks and note that payment of fees does not guarantee endorsement.

    Initial Survey Endorsement Administrative Application fees are as follows:
    • Non-Profit: $250 USD
    • For-Profit: $250 USD

    Renewals: If your survey was previously endorsed by ISBER, a brochure from the previous survey and a summary of the audience response to the survey evaluation should also be submitted.  You are not responsible for administrative application fees.

  3. Final Approval: After your survey has been approved, you will be contacted with the final details, survey endorsement contract, and fee information (see below for details).

    Approved Survey Endorsement Fees (payable within 14 days of approval):
    • Non-Profit Organizations: no fee
      • Renewal for Non-Profit Organizations: $250 USD
    • For-Profit Organizations: $500 USD
      • Renewal for For-Profit Organizations: $750 USD

For more information, see the Survey Endorsement Policy in the ISBER Policies Procedures handbook.


  • A link to the survey on the ISBER website indicating ISBER's endorsement
  • A message promoting the endorsed survey will be distributed to ISBER members
  • Endorsement valid for 1 year

Select from the below  Options to get started:

For- & Non-Profit Initial Review

Renewing Organization