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Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) for Repositories Supported by IMS

Identify areas that need improvement!

The ISBER Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) hosted by IMS assists repository operators in determining how well their repository follows the ISBER Best Practices for Repositories.The assessment is confidential and aimed at helping specimen collection centers strengthen their practices through the identification of areas in need of improvement.

How does your repository compare?

Year-end summary statistics are now available. Click here to review 2011-2013 SAT result summary information.

SAT General Information

Developed by the ISBER Education and Training Committee, the tool contains 152 questions which may be answered in a single or multiple sessions.

Each page of the survey corresponds to a section of the ISBER Best Practices.

If you want to keep a paper copy of your responses you must print out each page of the SAT after you complete it. (You can do this by selecting the "Print” option from the file menu.) Results from pilot tests indicated that the SAT takes a little over an hour to complete if all required information is available at the time of completing the survey.

While we have tried to represent the major consensus ethical practices, there are variations in how different countries view these issues and in how institutions within those countries apply the guidance they receive from national authorities. Because of this, scoring well on this evaluation does not imply that you have met all of the legal and ethical requirements applicable to your local situation.

Survey results will be securely archived at ISBER. Upon request, the ISBER Board of Directors will consider applications to conduct research on the data obtained from respondents. The confidentiality of individual respondent’s responses will be strictly maintained. The specific identity of a repository will not be released to researchers, who will receive only coded information. The SAT project has been reviewed by the FASEB Protection of Human Subjects Protection Committee and has been deemed exempt from IRB review (FASEB-PHSC-09-03). You should be aware that, while unlikely, there may be situations in which ISBER could be required to release specific information about your repository if you have provided your contact information (Question 1 of the Self-Assessment Tool). If this is a concern to you, you may exercise the option of going through the SAT but not actually submitting the results for analysis.

By accessing the Self-Assessment Tool, you agree to the terms presented above.

SAT Personalized Report

After completion of the SAT, you will immediately receive your personalized results, including a "Risk-Balanced Assessment Score” that will help you to evaluate how well your current practices conform to the ISBER Best Practices. The score is based on possible risk to your specimens, frequency of implementation of each practice, and the ease with which deviations can be detected.

You will also be notified of the top areas, or "Questions of Concern", in which your responses deviate from the best practices recommendations.

This information will be provided for educational purposes only. Each repository will have to decide for itself the best practices for the management of their particular collections.  Because of the design of the scoring system, you will want to answer every question in the tool, even if you select "N/A" (for "not-applicable for your repository").

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