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Pharma Working Group

Co-Chairs: Lisa Miranda (GlaxoSmithKline), Suenne Orth (Roche) and Pascal Puchois (Trans-hit Biomarkers, Inc.)

Within a pre-competitive environment, The ISBER Pharma Working Group exists to identify and address challenging topics facing industry through shared insights and expertise.  In addition, the Working Group promotes requirements of industry within the ISBER community and seeks to grow industry participation. Membership is predominantly from the Pharmaceuticals and Biotech sectors. 
CY2020 ISBER Pharma WG Goals
1. Achieve pharma-specific ISBER offerings through contributions to ISBER strategic plan, programmatic content and publications.
2. Highlight industry requirements for drug development 
3. Participate in ISBER 2020 Annual Meeting Workshop
4. Hold 2020 ISBER Pharma WG Retreat 
5. Develop non-proprietary solutions and create guidance documents to
               alleviate shared industry challenges aimed at accelerating drug discovery
                    a. Human Biological Sample Management (HBSM) Import/Export Guidelines
                    b. Biomarker Sample/Data Requirements
                    c. Regulatory Implementation Roadmap
                    d. ISBER Pharma WG Knowledge Hub/Toolkit


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