Marketing Committee
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The Marketing Advisory Committee creates opportunities for global marketing and partnership strategies highlighting ISBER's tools, products and services; highlighting ISBER as the leading global go-to resource for biobanking fields and biospecimen-related groups; and to seek ways to increase the impact of the ISBER brand. 

Committee Achievements:

Provided a forum in which for-profit members were able to meet and share concerns with ISBER's leadership that resulted in the restructuring of the annual meeting corporate opportunities to allow vendors to customize their participation at society meetings
Developed a global marketing plan based on the ISBER 2017-2020 strategic plan to create opportunites for world-wide involvement in the society, focusing on the following:
  a. Social media strategy to strengthen and enhance global partnerships
b. Increasing ISBER's international presence
c. Encouraging utilization of ISBER products and tools
d. Marketing new technologies and tools
e. Exploring ways to increase involvement of LMIC countries
f. Ensuring ISBER meets the needs of the biobanking community/industry
Collaborate with other international societies to ensure the ISBER brand is recognized and associated with biobanking practices

Committee Goals:

Create a Wikipedia task force to develop ISBER-approved content on biobank and repository articles, increasing the visibility of the society and the biobanking industry
Strengthen and enhance marketing literature highlighting the importance of standardized high-quality biobanking practices, and identify ISBER as the go-to resource for biobanking-related groups
Establish a public outreach/education campaign to increase public, member and policy maker's awareness on biobanking and related policy issues


Committee Membership

Committee Co-Chair
Committee Co-Chair
Kerry Wiles Nicole Bollinger
Vanderbilt University Medical Center/CHTN
Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN)
Tennessee, United States Cleveland, Ohio


Committee Members

Zisis Kozlakidis
International Agency for Research on Cancer
Lyon, France 

Debra Leiolani Garcia
San Mateo, United States

Kara Page
T1D Exchange
Massachusetts, United States

Maryann Huie 
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
New York, United States
Jason Chen
China National Genebank
Shenzhen, China

Lokesh Agrawal
National Cancer Institute
Maryland, United States