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Past ISBER Award Winners

ISBER Founder's Award (Sponsored by Chart MVE)

ISBER Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biobanking (Sponsored by Taylor-Wharton)








ISBER Founder's Award (sponsored by Chart MVE

The ISBER Founder's Award, sponsored by Chart MVE Biomedical, recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding leadership to the founding, support, and incorporation of ISBER as an international biobanking society.

Bill Grizzle
2018 Jim Vaught
Phil Baird
2016 Sandy Wolman
2015 Elaine Gunter

ISBER Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biobanking (Sponsored by Worthington Industries, Cryoscience by Taylor-Wharton

The ISBER Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biobanking, sponsored by Worthington Industries, CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton, is designed to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of biobanking. The award can be given for a single outstanding achievement or a life-time body of outstanding work in the field.

Marianna Bledsoe
2018  Jane Carpenter
Allison Hubel
2016 Rongxing Gan
2015 William Grizzle
2014  Yeonhee Lee
2013 Jim Vaught
2012  Robert Hewitt
2011 Carolyn Compton
2010 Kurt Zatloukal

ISBER Distinguished Leadership and Service Award

This award is designed to honor ISBER members who have demonstrated exceptional leadership to further the mission and goals of the society and/or significant, long-standing contributions to the society.

Daniel Simeon-Dubach
2018 Lori Campbell
2017 Katherine Sexton
2016 Cheryl Michels
2015 Marianne Henderson
2014 Rita Lawlor
2013 Fay Betsou
2012 Marianna Bledsoe
2011 Robert Hewitt

ISBER Special Service Awards

The ISBER Special Service Awards recognize individuals who have made exceptional contributions towards the goals of the Society through the performance of a special service or act on behalf of the organization. Awardees are recognized at the ISBER Annual Meetings.

Monique Albert, Bill Mathieson, Alison Parry-Jones, Catherine Seiler, Xiaoyan Zhang
2018  Mark Barnes, Marianna Bledsoe, Andy Brooks, Koh Furuta, Marianne Henderson, Helen Morrin, Xiaomin Wang, Xuexun Zhou
2017 Debra Garcia, Daniel Simeon-Dubach
2016 Marianna Bledsoe, Piper Mullins, Nicole Sieffert
2015  David Lewandowski, Tim Shi, Rick Michels, Koh Furuta
2014 Peter Watson, Brent Schacter
2013 Fay Betsou, Marianna Bledsoe, Marianne Henderson, Scott Jewell, Cheryl Michels, Brent Schacter, Heather Siefers, Andy Zaayenga
2012 Cheryl Michels, Nicole Sieffert, Andy Zaayenga
2011 Fay Betsou, Lori Campbell, Debra Garcia, Judith Giri, Karen Pitt, Rebecca Pugh, Katherine Sexton, Amy Skubitz, Stella Somiari
2010 Chon Boon Eng, Andy Zaayenga
2009 Fay Betsou, Katherine Sexton
2008 Karen Pitt, Amy Skubitz, Katherine Sexton, Lori Campbell, Rebecca Pugh, Stella Somiari


ISBER Biospecimen Science Poster Award


The ISBER Biospecimen Science Poster Awards recognize excellence in poster presentations on Biospecimen Science. The goal of the ISBER Biospecimen Science Poster Award is to encourage ISBER members and all attendees of the annual meeting who are new investigators to ask important original questions about biospecimen science, to design sound, controlled experiments with a clear rationale, and to present the results clearly in a poster format.

2015 See Biobanking Poster Awards

Olga Kofanova - DNA Fingerprinting: Sherlock Holmes in the Biobank. A Case Study

Keri Kruckeberg - New Generation -80 C Freezers for Biorepository Storage


Implementation of Strategies to Maximise the Research Potential of Bio-banked Paediatric Cancer Specimens.
W. J. Ingram, E. B. Little, A. S. Moore, A. Zivanovic, A. R. Hallahan

Verbal Consent Procedure for Acquisition of Biospecimens in an Acute Pediatric Setting.
S. M. Vercauteren, T. E. Tarling, C. Strahlendorf1, K. R. Schultz

Effective Emergency Planning and Response Saves a Multimillion Specimen Collection at the US NCI.
K. H. Groover, M. G. Malin, L. M. Cosentino, D. Pike3, M. Shaw, M. K. Henderson, T. Herdman, K. E. Pitt


Biospecimen Use and Emerging Techniques in Cancer Research, Ali Cole, BC Cancer Agency Vancouver Island Centre

Epstein-Barr Virus Transformed Human Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines: the Effect of Donor Age and Gender on Transformation Efficiency, Steven Turner, Genetic Repositories Australia

2011 Timothy Geddes, Janine Neville-Golden


ISBER Biobanking Poster Award

The ISBER Biobanking Poster Awards recognize excellence in poster presentations on all topics 
submitted to the annual meeting. The goal of the ISBER Biobanking Poster Award is to 
encourage ISBER members and all attendees of the annual meeting who are new investigators 
to ask important questions and to clearly report important findings in a poster format.


1st place: Alexandra Garafalo - A STR-Based Quality Assurance Procedure for the eyeGENE® Biorepository

2nd place: Ayat Salman - Sustaining a Disease Focused Biobank Using a Dynamic Approach

2014 Sameer Tolay - Factors Influencing Specimen Accrual in a Biobank with an Attempt to Understand the General Mindset of the Population: A Community Hospital Perspective
2013  See 2013 Biospecimen Science Poster Award

ISBER Proficiency Testing Program for Biorepositories, Francesca Poloni, Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg

Regular Expression Matching Algorithm (REMA) Simplifies Operative Schedule Searchability for Prospective Tissue Procurement, Miral Patel, Cooperative Human Tissue Network (ED), University of Pennsylvania

2011  Antonette Allen


ISBER Outstanding New Product Award

To acknowledge the developments and innovation in biobanking, a team of experts from diverse fields select as many as two products to receive the ISBER Outstanding New Product Award at the Annual Meeting.

Hatch Lite Automated Storage Unit by GENEPOINT
2018  IntelliXmark by Brooks Life Sciences 
2017  Chart MVE's Fusion
2016  TempAura by Brooks Life Sciences
2015 CryoPod Carrier from Biocision
2014 DNA Genotek for HEMAgene BUFFY COAT
2013 Stirling Ultracold Model SU78OU
2012 CryoXtract's CXT 750™ Automated Frozen Sample Aliquotter
2011 MVE Chart's MVE Variō™ Series


ISBER Travel Award

The ISBER Global Expansion Fund supports efforts to increase ISBER’s membership and presence world-wide. The ISBER Travel Award provides travel support for individuals from emerging countries who are planning, or are currently managing, a repository to attend the ISBER Annual Meeting.

Anna Pidubbna (Ukraine | View Report Here)
2018  Amaby Abou Elgadel (Egypt),
Birendra Yadav (India | View Report Here),
Jean Marie Nana (Cameroon),
Milcah Dhoro (Zimbabwe | View Report Here
2017  Rogers Kisuule (Uganda) 
2016  Plebeian B. Medina (Philippines | View Report Here
2015  Thaddius Ssempagala (Uganda | View Report Here)
Sureyah Nassimbwa (Uganda | View Report Here)
2013 Talishiea Croxton (Nigeria | View Report Here)
2011 Olga Lucia Fernandez, MSc (Columbia | View Report Here)
2010  Dr. Nagla Gasmelseed (Sudan | View Report Here)
2008 Dr. Martha-Lucia Serrano-Lopez (South America | View Report Here)
2007 Dr. J. Olufemi Ogunbiyi



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