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Contact Buzz Bies to learn more about our MVE Fusion® Series freezers that are self-sustaining cryogenic freezers providing cold storage capabilities with no need for liquid nitrogen during normal operation, making it ideal for use in remote locations, isolated rooms, and high floor levels.

Chart MVE, the leading innovative manufacturer of secure cryogenic storage of stainless steel freezers, aluminum vapor shippers, and nitrogen handling equipment. Our stainless steel freezers, like the new MVE Fusion® Series freezers, achieve the longest hold time and lowest LN2 consumption of comparable freezers with vial capacities ranging from 3,200 to 94,000. Cryogenic shipping is trusted with Chart MVE’s newest shippers providing savings on packaging, shipping costs, dry ice, and disposal.

MVE Cryopreservation for Life Sciences (Download)
MVE Variō® Series Freezers (Download)
MVE CryoShipper 2000 (Download)