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A sample quality control strategy for cryopreserved biomaterial based on Agilent automated electrophoresis solutions ensures that only fit-for-purpose biomaterials are stored, included in important research studies and sent to clients. Don’t waste more time and money on samples with minor quality due to long-term storage. Agilent offers ideal solutions for quick and accurate sample quality assessment that easily integrate into your genomic analysis workflow. Select Agilent TapeStation systems if your needs are rapid and precise evaluation of DNA, cfDNA and RNA samples, or the Agilent Femto Pulse system for high molecular weight genomics DNA and ultrasensitive detection of DNA and RNA.

Nucleic Acid Quality Control Solutions for Any Throughput (Download)
QA of Genomic DNA for Biobanking Samples with Agilent Femto Pulse System (Download)
Performance Characteristics of Cell-free DNA ScreenTape Assay (Download)