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Management of Investigator-Returned Research Results

Co-Chairs:  Hollie Schmidt

Many repositories require or request that investigators who analyze repository samples return their results/data back to the repository for further use, analysis, and/or sharing within the scientific community. The purpose of this Special Interest Group is to discuss the management of these results. Specific areas of interest include curation and annotation of returned data sets, data quality control, database development (storage and retrieval), standardized data formats for common types of analyses, best practices, and policies on requesting/sharing returned results with other researchers (MTA terms, etc.).


  1. Share knowledge about management of returned results including issues, challenges, opportunities, and solutions through teleconferences, meetings, and online discussions.
  2. Document and disseminate members' current experiences and practices related to returned results management, such as policies and procedures, and data system designs.
  3. Offer demonstrations of databases and other IT systems that support the management of returned data.
  4. If appropriate, develop a best practices document on this topic to provide guidance to the entire ISBER community.


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