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Integrated biobanking Workflows Working Group

Chair: Erik Steinfelder

This group will take a more integrated look at the establishment and operation of bio-banks, and the requirements around:
  • Bioprocessing and analytical instruments
  • Consumables
  • Biospecimen-related data


  1. An overall high level technical specification document for the complete biobank workflow that can be used as a blueprint.
  2. Building on the first goal will be a set of high level technical specifications for the interfaces, both physical (labware) and electronic (file transfer), required to integrate a wide range of individual operations.
All this will assist in the design and operation of biobanks, and advancing efforts towards greater harmonization.

Case studies 

The following case studies have been published by the group:

Workflow Case Study 1 – DNA extraction from automatic-pipetted buffy coat

Workflow Case Study 2 – Cryotube decapper crushing cryotubes causes quality issues for samples and data

Workflow Case Study 3 – Primary tube barcode scanning failure on automated blood liquid handler

Workflow Case Study 4 – Barcode scanning failure on automated nucleic acid extractor



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