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Public FAQ
Committee/Working Group FAQ
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Why join ISBER?
View individual membership benefits.
View organizational membership benefits.

How can I join ISBER?
To become a member of ISBER please sign up through our online sign up portal.
We do not process paper applications.

What payment methods does ISBER accept?
ISBER accepts credit card, cheque, or wire transfer payments.
Cheques can be mailed to our Head Office.

I have already registered. How can I find my username and password?
As long as you have access to the email that you provided ISBER with, you can recover your account details by CLICKING HERE

How can I survey ISBER members?

How can I get my educational course endorsed by ISBER?

To access the links provided in this section please ensure that you are logged on.
Most information regarding your membership can be found through the intuitive Profile Management Interface. For more detailed walk-throughs please view our How To Videos.

Why do I have to log in every time I visit the website? How can I stay logged in?
Ensure you check the 'Remember Me' box on the Sign In page. This will ensure that as long as you do not log off, even if you close your browser, you will remain logged on to the site for up to 14 days. As long as you have not logged-off, the next time you navigate to in that browser, you will still be logged on.

Always log on using your default browser. When you click on a link in a notification it will automatically try to open in your default browser.

The 'Remember Me' functionality relies on browser cookies. Cookies must be enabled in your browser for this functionality to work.

It is important to note that 'Remember Me' does NOT apply to storage of your login and password. These are managed by your browser, not the ISBER web site.

How can I update my contact information and other personal information?

Why can't I access Biopreservation and Biobanking, ISBER's official journal?
If you are an Alternate Delegate of an Organizational Membership, you may find that you no longer have acces to the journal. A longstanding ISBER by-law states that only Official Delegates receive free access, however the previous system could not differentiate between the two. We are now enforcing this by-law. 

Alternate delegates my purchase access to the journal at a discount rate. Please email for more information.

When does my membership expire?

How can I view my purchase invoices and receipts?
Please scroll to the bottom of your Profile Management Page. This can be found under Account History.

How can I view my past and upcoming event registrations, registration IDs, and registration receipts?

I am not receiving any instant notifications (for purchases, forum posts, etc). What can I do?

Ensure that your email address is correct under Edit Bio. Also view your settings under Preferences.

Important: Head Office 'subscribes' you to the ISBER All Members Forum and the General forum in any group you may be part of. This means you will receive a notification whenever a new topic is posted. If you wish to receive notifications for replies to an individual topic you must "subscribe" to that topic. When you navigate to the new topic to read it, just one click will subscribe you to all following replies! This feature will eliminate notifications for topics you are not interested in.

Click here to adjust your subscriptions (turn off, or condense into weekly updates).

What is the best way to communicate and share files with ISBER Members?

Please take advantage of the ISBER General All Members Forum. All ISBER members who have not removed or altered their forum subscription will receive email notifications when a contribution is made.

You can send messages to other ISBER members; doing so will send that member an email notification with a link to the message. Messages are stored in a personal Message Center within your member profile.

Do you foresee messaging a specific group or groups of people?  Often the people you want to contact en masse are  in a committee or working group with you and you can contact them through the group.  To contact groups of people who span groups or do not belong to any groups, use your Connections!

You may invite any member to be a Connection with you.  Use the member search to find the people you would like in your inner circle.  Use the +Connection link to invite -- you will receive an email confirmation when the other member accepts.

You can message as many of your Connections at one time as you like.  Learn more about Connections.

Enjoy live chat with other members who are online!


You must be a member to have access to a forum.

Important: Head Office 'subscribes' you to the All Members Discussion Forum upon joining. This means that you will receive a notification whenever a new topic is posted. If you want to receive notifications for replies to an individual topic you must "subscribe" to that topic. When you navigate to the topic to read it for the first time, just click 'Subscribe' to receive subsequent related posts! If you do not subscribe to a topic, you will not receive notifications for further posts to that topic.

How can I navigate the forums? 

  1. The All Members forum displays content by most recently added topic.
  2. Nothwithstanding point 1,, "Announcements" and "Stickies" stay on top of the list to maintain visibility
  3. Once you are IN the forum, you can sort by Date Posted. Click once for oldest to newest, twice for newest to oldest.
  4. To the right of every topic is a little "skip to the end" arrow that will bring you to the most recent post in the topic.

 How can I change the forum notifications I receive?

You can remove or alter your forum subscriptions here. To add a new subscription please go to
the main page of the desired forum.

How can I maximize response to my forum post?

Using a web-based forum is different from an email Listserv -- 300 characters (including spaces) are sent to subscribers when a topic or post is made. Handy links are provided to bring members directly to the post, but how to catch people's attention with 300 characters? Marianne Henderson suggested:

"Put your bottom-line in your top line."

This is great advice! Whatever is at the heart of your post, the thing you would like members to grasp and respond to, put that in the first few sentences. Think of it as an Abstract!

Don't forget to subscribe! You may be subscribed to the forum but when a new topic comes in and you click to read it, click one more time to subscribe to that topic, if you would like to see the replies of other members.


Click HERE to see what Groups you are in (Committees, Working Groups, Special Interest Groups)

Click HERE for an in-depth look at how to use Group features as a Group Member or a Group Administrator.

How can I join a Working Group or join a Special Interest Group?

What is the best way to communicate and share files with my Group Members?
Each group has a private group forum. Group members who have not removed or altered their forum subscription will receive email notifications when it is updated.

You can also send individual members messages for which they will receive an email notification or use the instant chat feature for online members.

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