Enviro-Bio Working Group

Chair: Piper Mullins 

The Enviro-Bio Working Group (EBWG) VISION is to serve as authoritative enviro-bio experts to advance ISBER as a cross-disciplinary biobanking society which addresses all biobanks’ activities; its MISSION is to provide the ISBER communication forum for environmental, biological, and animal biospecimens and biobanks to represent these biobanks’ needs and to integrate into ISBER activities and products.

EBWG represents a broad membership, encompassing biobanks, biorepositories, BRCs, genebanks, seedbanks, museum, scientific and culture collections; zoos, botanical gardens and herbaria that conserve and biopreserve environmental, microbial, protist, plant and animal biospecimens, biological and genetic resources for: agriculture, archaeology, aquaculture, biotechnology, conservation, climate change research, environmental science, forestry, horticulture and veterinary science.


  1. Increase ISBER & EBWG membership with targeted campaigns for Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural/Biological sectors
  2. Define and Integrate EB terminology into ISBER products such as the Best Practices
  3. Contribute EB elements and content to ISBER educational material and training programs


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