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Bulk Membership

ISBER Corporate Partners may purchase ISBER Memberships in bulk at a discounted rate for gifting to other organizations or individuals. These are to be gifted to new members only. 

The price you pay depends on the number of bundles of 5 Individual or Organizational memberships purchased. The discount scale is:

1st bundle of 5 Memberships5%
2nd bundle of 5 Memberships10%
3rd bundle of 5 Memberships15%
4th and all successive bundles of 5 Memberships


The bundle-count for discount will begin again at the start of each membership year. Bundles must be paid for when ordered.

Pricing example A:
A company buys two bundles in one dues year, and an additional bundle the following year.  In the first year, the company would receive a 5% discount on the first bundle and a 10% discount on the second bundle,  The bundle purchased in the second year would receive a 5% discount.

Pricing example B:
A company buys five bundles throughout one dues year and receives: a 5% discount on the first bundle, a 10% discount on the second bundle, a 15% discount on the third bundle, a 20% discount of the fourth bundle, and a 20% discount on the fifth bundle.

For more information, or to purchase a Bulk Membership package please contact the ISBER Head Office at

ISBER Head Office, 750 Pender Street, Suite 301, Vancouver, BC V6C 2T7, Canada.   
T: 1-604-484-5693 F: 1-604-874-4378 E: 

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