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ISBER Biobanking Poster Awards
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The ISBER Biobanking Poster Awards recognize excellence in poster presentations on all topics (except Posters competing for the Biospecimen Science Award) submitted to the annual meeting. The mission of the Biobanking Poster Award Program is to encourage ISBER members and all attendees of the annual meeting to ask important questions and to clearly report important findings in a poster format. Award winning posters will be selected by an Awards Subcommittee of the ISBER Program Committee. The award certificate will be presented to the first author of the poster at the ISBER Business/Awards Session of the Annual Meeting. (Please note that there is no stipend associated with this award.)


1. Abstracts submitted to ALL topic categories are eligible. Abstracts submitted for the Asterand-ISBER Biospecimen Science Poster Award will NOT be considered for the ISBER Biobanking Poster Award.

2. The first author of the abstract must specifically apply online (see application below) to be considered for the award. If the first author of the abstract will NOT be present at the Annual Meeting, a surrogate author MUST be designated on the award application form. Have your abstract assigned number and the title of your abstract available to complete the application form.

3. The first (or designated surrogate) author MUST be present at the Awards Session or the award will be forfeited and a runner-up will be selected. In the absence of the first author, the award will be presented to the designated surrogate (presenting author).

4. The Awards Committee will use the following criteria to judge excellence:

Originality: The work presented should constitute a new and original contribution to methods, results or general analysis of the considered scientific question or issue.

Significance: The described work should address a problem that is important to the field of Biobanking.

Focus: The question(s) the author has addressed should be clear and the rationale for the described report, experimentation or analysis must be appropriately focused.

Experimental design and control (if appropriate): Experiments should be well designed and controlled and data rigorously and appropriately analyzed.

Presentation: The poster presentations must be well organized and the work and its conclusions presented in a clearly understandable and compelling manner.

Awardees 2013

"Implementation of Strategies to Maximise the Research Potential of Bio-banked Pediatric Cancer Specimens"
W. J. Ingram, E. B. Little, A. S. Moore, A. Zivanovic, A. R. Hallahan

"Verbal Consent Procedure for Acquisition of Biospecimens in an Acute Pediatric Setting"
S. M. Vercauteren, T. E. Tarling, C. Strahlendorf, K. R. Schultz

"Effective Emergency Planning and Response Saves a Multi-million Specimen Collection at the US NCI"
K. H. Groover, M. G. Malin, L. M. Cosentino, D. Pike, M. Shaw, M. K. Henderson, T. Herdman, K. E. Pitt

Awardees 2012

Award Category: Regulatory

QAC 16: ISBER Proficiency Testing Program for Biorepositories'

Francesca Poloni, Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg

Award Category: Technology

RIF 17: Regular Expression Matching Algorithm (REMA) Simplifies Operative Schedule Searchability for Prospective Tissue Procurement

Miral Patel, Cooperative Human Tissue Network (ED), University of

Awardees 2011

BSS 10 - A Survey of Tissue Specimen Collection Techniques: Impact on Biomarker Data Quality
Antonette Allen, Catholic Health Initiatives

Awardees 2010

HSR 02 (181106) - The Value of a Tumor Bank in the Development of Cancer Research in Brazil: 12 Years of Experience of the A C Camargo Hospital
Antonio Campos, MSc, PhD, A C Camargo Hospital, San Paulo, Brazil

RAT 04 (183102) - Introducing Automation to Improve Throughput in DNA Extraction and Sample Aliquoting for Human Biofluids
Marianne Henderson, MS, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD

RAT 09 (183240) - Development and Testing of a Robotic Frozen Sample Aliquoter System
Dale Larson, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc, Cambridge, MA, USA


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