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ISBER 2014 Annual Meeting Presentations

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Please note: Only those presentations where permission has been received for posting are available to meeting delegates. Speakers are also in the process of providing ISBER with revised slides and, as a result, these presentations will be gradually uploaded to the website as they are received.

Wednesday, May 21 

Symposium 1: Advancing Science Through Evidence-Based Biobanking
Rex Chisholm (USA) - Integration of Biobanks into Clinical Health Care through LInkage to Medical Records - The eMERGE Experience
John Siemon (Australia) - The Australian Plant Bank - Safeguarding Plants for the Future 
David Ledbetter (USA) - Geisinger's MyCode Project: Leveraging Genomics and EMR Data to Improve Patient Outcomes
Erik Woods (USA) - Cell Processing and Preservation for Biobanking: New Horizons

Symposium 2: Translational Science through Biobanking: Applications and Opportunities
Sam Aparicio (Canada) - Clonal Evolution and Breast Cancer Subtypes
Hakim Djaballah (USA) - Enabling Personalized Discovery and Translation 
Myles Wolf (USA) - Translational Applications of Biobanking: The Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 Story
Yong Zhang (China) - China National GeneBank, Making the Resource Valuable to Everyone 
Rongxing Gan (China) - China Biobanking Strategy for Integrated Translational Research

Thursday, May 22 

Symposium 3A: Financial Sustainability of Biobanks
Brent Schacter and Peter Watson (Canada) - Sustainability of Canadian biorepositories: Status, needs and national initiatives
Rusty Bromley (USA) - Financial Stability in Biobanking Unique Challenges for Disease Focused Patient Advocacy Organizations
Brian Thomson (UK)
Peter Riegman (Netherlands)
Symposium 3B: Model Organisms and Biodiverse Biorepositories: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Biobanking
Harvey Blackburn (USA) - From Concept to Application: Developing a Functional DNA and Germplasm Repository for Animal Genetic Resources
Rebecca Spindler (Australia) - The Ins and Outs of a Living Bank: Prioritisation, Viable Populations and Continual Access
Paul Bartels (South Africa) - Keeping Clear of the Lion's Mouth - Establishing & Scaling-up a Biodiversity Biobank for Southern Africa
Rebecca Pugh (USA) - The International Environmental Specimen Bank (IESB) Group
Erin Ehmke (USA) - The Endangered Species Challenge: Making Use of Opportunistic Sampling
Innovative Technologies
Pasquale De Blasio (USA) - Tissue Microarray Technology: New Opportunity for Tissue Banks to Contribute to Cancer Research and Diagnostics
Beate Kamlage (Germany) - New Metabolic Assay for Pre-Analytical Quality Control of Human Plasma Samples
Marie Lee (USA) - The Fluidigmn SNPtrace Panel and the BioMark System Enable Fast, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Sample Assessment with Minimal Hands-On Time
Alexander Werner (Germany) - Technologies to Fully Automate Biological Vapor-Phase Nitrogen Repositories Below -100 ºC
Charlotta Göransson (Sweden) - Rapid Heat Stabilization of Enzymes is Essential for Accurate Measurement of Tissue Sample Analytes without Interference from Post-Mortem Events
Contributed Paper Session 1: Specimen Quality: Do you Know What you are Really Working With?
Anita Posevitz-Fejfár (Germany) - The Effect of Blood Shipping on the Survival and Functionality of PBMCs
Vinagolu Rajasekhar (USA) - Developing Mouse Hospital with Human Patient Derived Xenograft Cancer Models – A Live Tumor Banking Approach
Xianling Cong (China) - Biobanking of Human Kidney Cancer Tissue: Impact of Ex-Vivo Ischemia Time and Storage Time on RNA Quality
Michael Roehrl (Canada) - Next Generation BioSpecimen Sciences at University Health Network – Canada’s Largest Hospital-Based Research Program
Galen Hostetter (USA) - Tissue Modeling of RNA Degradation: Multi-Modality Measures and Biological Pathway Correlates
Olga Kofanova (Luxembourg) - Gene Expression Assay to Assess the Pre-Centrifugation Delay of PBMCs
Yinan Zhang (China) - Storage Stability of Metabolic Diseases Biomarkers in Urine
Contributed Paper Session 2: ELSI for Biobanking - Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?
Maui Hudson (New Zealand) - Developing Best Practice Biobanking with Indigenous Peoples
Katheryn Shea (USA) - Future Use Considerations for Global Collections of Human Biospecimens: Annotation to Ensure Compliance in an Evolving Global Regulatory Environment
Rachel Dvoskin (USA) - Senior Biobank Staff and Genetic Researchers’ Opinions about Human Subjects Practices in Genomic Research
Evert-Ben van Veen (The Netherlands) - EU Data Protection Regulation and Transatlantic Datasharing
Janet Olson (USA) - Genetic Knowledge and Return of Results Preferences in the Mayo Clinic Biobank
Rania Labib (Egypt) - Omics-Ready Bio/Data Repository For Childhood Cancers in Egypt
Erin Winkler (USA) - Role of the Genetic Counselor in a Non-Disease Focused Biobank: Experience of the Mayo Clinic Biobank

Friday, May 23

Symposium 4: Biospecimen Science
Mimi Roy (USA) - Controlled Analysis of Pre-Analytical Variables in CSF 2 Blood Sample Collection, Processing & Storage: Implications for Best Practices in Clinical Research
Alison Hubel (USA) - Scientific Basis for Selection of a Storage Temperature
Rainer Lehmann (Germany) - Markers of Biobank Sample Quality
Jason Acker (Canada) - The Science of Freezing Blood Cells
Lokesh Agrawal (USA) - Understanding Biospecimen Sample Integrity Using Molecular and Proteomic Biomarkers

Contributed Paper Session 3: It's a Small World: Are We Preserving It?
Efim Khlebnyy (Russia) - Organization of the Seed Bank in the Permafrost Soils of the Yakutia
Ilya Prokopiev (Russia) - Influence of Permafrost on Allium Fistulosum Seeds Preservation
Naoko Minegishi (Japan) - Biobank Construction after Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in Japan
Tina Yeung (China) - China National GeneBank (CNGB) Status Quo as of the End of 2013
Dominik Lermen (Germany) - Towards the Use of Mobile Lab Technologies for the Collection of Human Samples of the German Environmental Specimen Bank
Amanda Moors (USA) - Marine Environmental Specimen Bank Barcode Implementation System
Contributed Paper Session 4: Through the Looking Glass: Hot Topics in Biobanking
Karine Sargsyan (Austria) - Biobank Graz: Accumulative Hub of Biobanking Networks in Europe
Evgeniya Kirillova (Russia) - Using the Biomaterial of the Radiobiological Human Tissue Repository for Solving the Problems of Radiobiology
Gyorgy Marko-Varga (Sweden) - The Value of Large Scale Biobanking in Clinical Healthcare
Jan Akervall (USA) - The Great Lakes Biorepository Research Network (GLBRN ) – An Inter-Institutional Collaborative Effort to Improve the Management of Biospecimen Collections and Subsequent Translational Research
Chantal Steegers (The Netherlands) - The Dutch National Tissuebank Portal. One Portal to All Pathology Archives
Elizabeth Wagner (USA) - Dynamic Map-Based Visualization Tools for Complex Inventory/Freezer Management: Open Source Informatics Developed by NHLBI BioLIN CC
Monique Albert (Canada) - Financial Sustainability in Biobanking is a Myth

Special Topic Session: Important Biobanking Developments in Europe
Jan-Eric Litton (Sweden) - BBMRI -ERI C, a New Governance Tool for Biobanking
Elena Salvaterra (Italy) - The Finnish Law on Biobanks and the EU General Data Protection Regulation Proposal: How to Compose Different Approaches within the European Ethical Landscape?
ISBER Business Meeting and Awards Presentation
Fay Betsou - ISBER Business Meeting

Saturday, May 24

Education and Training Workshops
Facilitators: Nigel Brockton (Canada), Charlene Karvonen (Canada) - Hell or High Water: The Alberta Cancer Research Biorepository Disaster Readiness, Response and Recovery (Workshop 1A)
Facilitators: Marianna Bledsoe (USA), Amelia Warner (USA), Anita Nelsen (USA) - Informed Consent for Genomics: Policies, Problems and Practical Approaches (Workshop 1B)
Facilitators: Kristina Robson (USA), Andrew Brooks (USA) - Weathering the Storm: Assessing Business Continuity Measures in Biorepository Operations (Workshop 2A)
Facilitators: Pedro Rondot Radío (Argentina), Rosario Isasi (Canada), Anne-Marie Tassé (Canada) - ELSI Challenges in Biobanking & Genomics Research (Workshop 2B)
Symposium 5: Biospecimen Identifiability, Privacy and Broad Data Sharing
Brad Malin (USA) - Assessing and Mitigating Risk of Identifiability
Mark Barnes (USA) - Recent EMA Regulations Mandating Clinical Trials Data Sharing
Anne-Marie Tassé (Canada) - Building an International Code of Conduct for Genomic and Health-Related Data Sharing

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