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Proficiency Testing Registration

Participants may register for more than one Scheme, and may use more than one method for some Schemes. For the DNA and RNA Schemes you may test up to 3 methods of your choice in the same run, while 2 methods are allowed for the Cell Viability and only one for the Tissue Histology and Tissue Antigenicity.


This table summarizes the prices for the 2012 Schemes:


Schemes Member Price (USD) * Non-Member Price (USD)
DNA Quantification and Purity $400 $500
RNA Integrity $480 $600
Cell Viability $480 $600
Tissue Histology $400 $500
Tissue Antigenicity $400 $500
Additional Methods ** $50/method $50/method





ISBER member price includes a 20% discount.


One method per scheme is included in the base price. Additional methods can be ordered: up to two (2) for DNA and RNA and one (1) for Cell Viability.


PLEASE NOTE: the street address on the Event Registration - Form Confirmation page will be used as the SHIPPING address. If the samples should be shipped to a different address, please send that address to The shipping address will be added to your account. Your primary contact address will not change.


Registration is closed. This area will be updated when registration opens for 2013.


ISBER Members

Login to the ISBER Members-Only Portal, and then click on "Register for Events"in the left column



Create a new account online and then click on "Register for Events" in the left column


Non-Members who have PREVIOUSLY attended an ISBER event or are a member of, or attended an event hosted by ASIP, AMP, or APC

Register here

Manual Registration Form

Download PDF version of registration form

ISBER 2013 Proficency Testing Registration Form (PDF)     


Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations received by written notification to the ISBER PT administrator before the end of the registration period will receive a refund (less a $100 USD processing fee). No refunds will be provided after registration is closed.
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