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Proficiency Testing General Information



ISBER endorsed IBBL Biospecimen Proficiency Testing program

  • 2017 Program Opens: May 2, 2017
  • 2017 Program Closes: August 11, 2017

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The ISBER endorsed IBBL Biorepository Proficiency Testing (PT) Program is designed to:
  • Allow biorepositories to assess the accuracy of their quality control assays and their
    characterization of biospecimens.
  • Compare results with those obtained in other laboratories around the world
  • Allow biorepositories to identify testing problems that may be related to individual staff performance
    or calibration of instrumentation used in biospecimen quality control.
  • Provide a Prenalytical External Quality Assessment (EQA) tool and guidance to biorepositories
    and laboratories testing biospecimens with the ultimate goal to support their quality control activities
    and to offer organizations who are seeking compliance with ISO 17025, CLIA, or equivalent the
    possibility to fulfill the respective normative requirements. To learn more about requirements, click here.

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2017 Program Details

Participants receive a Performance Report and a Certificate of Participation as well as a Label of Participation upon completion of the program.

Schemes for 2017 Program

DNA Quantification and Purity

Microbial DNA Extraction from Saliva

RNA Integrity

Microbial DNA Extraction from Stool
RNA Quantification and Purity
Cell Free (cfDNA) Extraction from Whole Blood

Cell Viability

DNA Extraction from Frozen Tissue
Hemoglobin Quantification in Plasma
Total RNA Extraction from Frozen Tissue
 Hemoglobin Quantification in CSF   CSF Aliquoting
CD40 Ligand Quantification in Serum

Tissue Histology

Viable PBMC Isolation

 DNA Extraction from Whole Blood  

DNA Extraction from FFPE Cells


RNA Extraction from Whole Blood


 RNA Extraction from FFPE Cells  



Discount available if you register for the same scheme for 2 or 3 consecutive year (see chart below for details)! Please note these prices have applied the 20% discount for ISBER members.







 1  DNA Quantification and Purity  DNA16R1  € 320  €295 € 271
 RNA Integrity  RNAI16R1
 RNA Quantification and Purity  RNAQ16R1
 Cell Viability  CELL16R1
 Haemoglobin Quantification in Plasma  PLHB16R1
 CD40L Quantification in Serum  CD4016R1
 Haemoglobin Quantification in CSF  CSHB16R1
 2  Tissue Histology  THIS16R1  € 239  € 222  € 203
CSF Aliquoting
    Viable PBMC Isolation  PBMC16R1  
 € 159
 € 147
 € 135
 3  DNA Extraction from Whole Blood  DNABLD16
 DNA Extraction from FFPE Cells  DNAFFC16
 RNA Extraction from Whole Blood  RNABLD16
 RNA Extraction from FFPE Cells  RNAFFC16
 Microbial DNA Extraction from Saliva  DNASAL16
 Microbial DNA Extraction from Stool  DNASTL16
 Cell Free DNA (cfDNA) Extraction from Whole  Blood  cfDNA16
 DNA Extraction from Frozen Tissue  DNAFRT16
 Total RNA Extraction from Frozen Tissue  RNAFRT16




For more Information:


PT Advisory Group Roster:

  • Fay Betsou, Luxembourg
  • Domenico Coppola, USA
  • Yvonne De Souza, USA
  • Annemieke De Wilde, Belgium
  • William Grizzle, USA
  • Elaine Gunter, USA
  • Iren Koppandi, USA
  • Katheryn Shea, USA
  • Mark Sobel, USA
  • Gunnel Tybring, Sweden
  • Gert Vanden Eyden, Belgium
  • Michaël Speicher, Austria
  • Rongxin Gan, China


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