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Biospecimen Research Symposium - Programme-at-a-Glance

 DAY 1 - Tuesday, February 27, 2018

 Session 1: Human Fluid Biospecimens
Chairs: Fiorella Guadagni and Gunnel Tybring


 Welcome and Introduction


 Keynote Presentation: Biospecimen Research, Time has Come


 Method Validation for Blood Microparticle Isolation 


 Quality Control Based on Serum and Plasma Metabolites and Peptides


 Networking Break, Poster Session, and Exhibition Tour 


 PMBC Fitness for Purpose of Functional Assays 


 Industry Perspectives on cfDNA and CTCs 


 Oral Abstract Presentations 


 Debate: Moral Tribes, Biospecimen Research, and ISO Standards 


 Poster Session and Exhibition Tour 


 Networking Dinner

DAY 2 - Wednesday, February 28, 2017

Session 2: Environmental Biospecimens
Chairs: Jacqueline MacKenzie and Marcos Castellanos


 Opening Remarks 


 Fitness for Purpose of Plan Specimens for Transcriptomic Studies 


 Qualification of Viable Stable Endangered Animal Cell Lines 


 Fitness for Purpose of Environmental DNA Specimens for Molecular Analyses 


 Networking Break,  Poster Session, and Exhibition Tour


 Optimisation of the Preservation of Animal Tissue Samples for Molecular Biodiversity Research 


 Method Validation for Seed Storage and Evaluation Protocols 


 Oral Abstract Presentations 


 Networking Lunch 

Session 3: Human Tissue Biospecimens
Chairs: Helen Moore and Gert Van Eyden


 Opening Remarks 


 Stability of Tissue Proteins and Phosphoproteins 


 PERM: A New RNA Quality Control Tool 


 FFPE Stability in the Scope of Gene Expression and Protein Analysis


 Networking Break, Poster Session, and Exhibition Tour 


 Fitness for Purpose of FFPE DNA for NGS 


 Industry Perspective on Biospecimen Research and Functional Assays 


 Oral Abstract Presentations 


 Poster Award Ceremony


 Closing Remarks


Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (RESCOM/17/1750050)

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