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Board Members:

April 2016-May 2017
Brent Schacter, MD FRCPC - Americas
CancerCare Manitoba
Winnipeg, Canada

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Past President
April 2016-May 2017
Jim Vaught, PhD - Americas
Kensington, United States

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April 2016-May 2017
Zisis Kozlakidis, B.Sc., PhD, AKC, MBA, FLS- Europe, Middle-East and Africa
University College London and Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research
London, United Kingdom

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May 2014-May 2017
Heather Siefers, MS - Americas
Rockville, United States

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May 2014-May 2017
Kathy Sexton, MBA - Americas
University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center
Birmingham, United States

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Director-at-Large - Americas

May 2015-May 2018

Piper Mullins, MS
Smithsonian Institution
Washington DC, United States

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Director-at-Large - China
May 2015-May 2018
Xiaomin Wang, MD, PhD
Capital Medical University
Beijing, China

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Director-at-Large - Europe, Middle East, Africa
May 2014-May 2017
Rita Lawlor
ARC - NET Centre for Applied Research on Cancer
Verona, Italy

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Director-at-Large - Indo-Pacific Rim
May 2011-May 2017

Jane Carpenter MAppSci, FIBMS
Univ of Sydney at the Westmead Millenium Inst
Westmead, Australia

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ISBER Executive Director
Ana Torres, BA (Hon), MPub
Malachite Management Inc.
Vancouver, Canada

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Committee Chairs


Membership and Marketing Committee Chair
Debra Garcia
AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR)
California, United States

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Science Policy Committee Chair
Marianna J. Bledsoe, MA
Silver Spring, MD, United States

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Description: Sheila BCCA office Dec 2015.jpg

Education and Training Committee Chair

Sheila O'Donoghue
BC Cancer Agency Tumour Tissue Repository
Victoria, BC, Canada


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Publications Committee Chair (Acting)
Jim Vaught, PhD - Americas
Kensington, United States

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Organizing Advisory Committee Chair
Marianne K. Henderson, MS
Laytonsville, United States

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Standards Advisory Committee Chair
Daniel Simeon-Dubach
Walchwil, Switzerland

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2017 Program Committee Co-Chair

Dr. Alison Parry-Jones
Wales Cancer Bank - Cardiff University
Cardiff, United Kingdom

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2017 Program Committee Co-Chair

Monique Albert
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Toronto, Canada

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